Everything you see on this page was created by me during my time working with CreateAR.

Designing a product for Augmented/Virtual Reality

CreateAR aims to provide the pinnacle of educational experiences across multiple devices in both augmented and virtual reality.  Here I'll show you some of the design work I did for CreateAR, both graphic and conceptual.

Problems/opportunities in AR/VR

No standard interface or UX for AR

No ledger for Digital Real Estate

Many developers lack 3D design experience

How can we create an engaging plug-and-play tool that enables persistent and effortless UI/UX?

One important aspect of user interface in AR and VR is finding a natural way to direct the user's gaze.  To seamlessly tie together design elements and give the user consistent cues, CreateAR aims to make an "AI" assistant that enhances the feedback loop between human and computer.


Here are a couple use cases that we explored:

Directed training and Dynamic focus

A charming AI butler guides you through interactive lessons.  The butler directs your gaze and attention to different locations in the simulation continuously as it moves around the simulation, so the central focus is always obvious at any given moment.

Holographic guided tour after a Tesla delivers itself to a new customer.

How create|AR fits into the software ecosystem