Here are some of the logos I've designed:

A Look at My Process

I was contracted to create a logo for E&ACA, a financial advisement firm based in New York and London.

Client's Idea:

Depict the Spirit of St. Louis (the first plane to make a transatlantic flight) in the logo, to represent their transatlantic company.


I first familiarized myself with Charles Lindbergh's airplane and the icons of both cities.  This process involved looking at pictures and drawings, in addition to downloading an open source 3D model of the plane to better understand it in 3D space.


Using the reference images, I put pen to paper to quickly iterate my ideas.  As an organization that is to be trusted with people's money, I wanted the logo to feel stable and classy, in addition to incorporating visual elements that would show its New York and London roots.

First Digital Pass

I used Adobe Illustrator to create vectors of a few different sketches.

I decided to try two different treatments of the text— one with a serif font to convey dignity and power, and the other using a font typical of airplane identification insignia.

Iteration after Feedback

I presented the first set of options to the client, along with my thoughts about the strengths and weaknesses of each.  The first two options were too busy to communicate simply, while the third and fourth had legibility issues at small sizes, and didn't have obvious recognition as the Spirit of St. Louis.  After discussing with the client, I decided to also explore options without the airplane, focusing more on the iconic architecture of both cities.


The client really enjoyed this idea, and also liked the text from an initial iteration.  I combined the two, resulting in the final product below: